Why The Pain Elimination Method AKA Reposturing?

How Reposturing Helps You Achieve Great Posture, Better Alignment and Vitality

  1. Core Flexibility- a term familiar almost exclusively to Reposturing which in short means to have sufficient flexibility in the core muscles so our torso can be supported on our dynamic balance points which allows our body to have its intended explosive and immediate responsiveness.
  2. Range of Motion/Freedom of Movement- Reposturing gives your muscles and joints back their intended range of motion and freedom of movement.
  3. Flexibility/Strength Muscular Balance- the more flexible a muscle is, the more potential a muscle has to be durable, healthy and strong.
  4. Force Transfer- Reposturing helps to transmit force and power through the body by improving the bone/joint alignment from head to toe which in turn also creates healthy friction in the joints during movement to help decrease wear and tear on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints & bones.
  5. Lung Capacity- as your posture improves and the farther your shoulders get behind your midline the more efficiently the muscles that were intended to open your rib cage when you breathe can do their job. A flexible ribcage and level pelvis also give our vital organs more space to do their jobs.
  6. Balance- Reposturing helps to put your body back on its natural balance points creating a more balanced energy output.
  7. Muscle Tension Balance- our muscles were intended to do specific actions and our bones were intended to support our weight. The moment the integrity of good posture is lost our muscles start to do jobs they were not intended to do making our body carry weight the way it was not intended to carry weight. That’s why many people after receiving Reposturing say they feel lighter because it allows our axioskeletal system to support our weight freeing up our muscles to only have to respond to the action required of them.
  8. Recovery- it is because of #’s 1-7 that our bodies recover faster through Reposturing, allowing us work out harder and more often.
  9. Injuries- not only does having great posture reduce the risk of injury but it is staggering the results Reposturing has for injury rehab.