Living Pain Free

In our daily lives, we use computers, write, grasp, work, pick things up and slouch. Over time we become imbalanced by creating forward tension patterns which pulls our bodies out of alignment creating pain and unnecessary wear and tear. The effects of gravity and poor support work against vitality and natural freedom of movement. We go out of alignment and balance a tiny bit at a time, not all at once.

Over time we start experiencing such things as back pain, headaches, TMJ syndrome, neck pain, shoulder pain, sunken chests, swayback, pot bellies and of course… stress.

When we are out of alignment our muscles will have to do the job balancing the body front to back and side to side. This makes muscles work harder than they were designed and do jobs they were not intended to do. This creates muscular pain and strain along with skeletal compression and excessive unhealthy friction in joints because of the way our bodies are being forced to support our weight.

All of these conditions can be reduced and in many cases eliminated simply by realigning and balancing the body through The Pain Elimination Method.