Peak Performance

The Pain Elimination Method (also known as Reposturing Dynamics) was originally designed for athletes to achieve fitness goals more efficiently and effectively by improving posture, alignment, muscle response time, recovery time and flexibility.

It became evident during the 1984 Olympics when the creator of the method Aaron Parnell, a Massage Therapist and Chiropractic student on the first American Olympic Massage team became the most requested Therapist in the UCLA Village working with athletes from over 40 different countries.

Reducing risk of injury with reposturing

When we push our bodies to the limit there is always risk of injury and most of us will take that risk for our favorite sport. However we would like to reduce the risk of injuries that will keep us from competing at peak performance (or at all until we heal) or that could end our career completely.

Even though there is an obvious point where an injury becomes most evident, in actuality most injuries are due to wear and tear the body endures over time due to misalignments and lack of flexibility.

Achieve symmetry and look better

Another bonus to good posture, alignment and flexibility is you can look as good as you feel. For Body Builders, with the shoulders back and arms behind the midline there is greater separation and definition of muscle groups. The back and traps will be thicker, chest will be bigger and shoulders will be rounder giving you a more symmetrical, athletic look and for a bodybuilder that could be the difference of winning or losing.