What is the Pain Elimination Method?

The Pain Elimination Method is a revolutionary system of stretches and massage techniques designed to restore balance and flexibility to the body. It is an interactive, participatory treatment system with lots of breathing and many stretch positions. There are exercises available to support the rebalancing process. It can be intense at times as stress is unloaded from each muscle group. You are always in charge of how fast and how far we progress in any one session. The results are always very rewarding and relaxing – truly a transformational, bodywork process.

What Happens During a Session?

Sessions are a combination of stretching, massage, the power of the breath and exercises designed to reinforce the structural changes that may occur.. For part of the session you will be lying on a massage table, for other parts you may be standing or sitting. The exact structure and flow of each session depends on your situation. Everyone is different so we first work on the areas that will yield the most significant results.

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

It can take anywhere from 10 sessions in a few weeks to weekly sessions for up to a year, depending on the amount of improvement you want. Although we cannot guarantee specific results from Reposturing Dynamics, most people report noticeable progress in only one or two sessions.

How are All These Results Possible with The Pain Elimination Method?

Posture means more than standing up straight. We commonly experience mis-alignment and imbalance as the result of years of poor habits in standing, sitting, walking and working.

The muscular system dictates the alignment of the skeletal system. If the bones and joints are aligned throughout the body they will transfer force the way they were intended to do.

By creating balance in the muscular system we are creating better alignment and greater bodily function.

When we are out of alignment our muscles will have to do the job balancing the body front to back and side making muscles work harder than they were designed and do jobs they were not intended to do thus creating muscular pain and strain along with skeletal compression and excessive unhealthy friction in the joint because of the way our bodies are being forced to support our weight.

All of these conditions can be reduced and in many cases eliminated simply by realigning and balancing the body through the Pain Elimination Method.

What is Facial Reposturing?

Facial Reposturing is a deep tissue manipulation of the facial muscles that store stress and tension and over time form the foundation of stress lines in the face, cheeks, and jaw.

Who is Cavan Collins?

Cavan Collins is a Licenced Posturist™, Posture Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist and National Holistic Institute graduate. Cavan constantly innovates posture training and posture therapy to better serve clients from bodybuilders and athletes to the average person seeking freedom from pain. His passion for sports massage inspired him to co-found Rock Solid Massage Therapy Team. He has a high success rate in relieving pain, improving athletic performance and helping his clients regain vitality.

Cavan, through extensive work with Aaron Parnell, became the first Licensed Posturist to certify and license other practitioners in the Pain Elimination Method training modules. His belief in and dedication to his work has inspired him to pass on the method to therapists who really want to make a difference with their clients.

Who can benefit from The Pain Elimination Method?

It is for people who are experiencing chronic pain, poor posture, or less-than-peak movement and performance due to loss of the alignment, strength and freedom of movement their body is meant to have. It involves an integrative approach including exercises; hands-on therapy; and client participation. Having great posture can truly revolutionize the way you look, feel, work, and play.

Is The Pain Elimination Method for You?

YES! IF you want to experience pain-free living and vitality you can actually see, starting today. If you want to feel better and look better, increase your physical energy, strength, flexibility and endurance, The Pain Elimination Method is for you!